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is the first Belgian website specialized in submitting your website to the largest and most important search engines.

Imagine the following: you built a website or you had one built for you by a webdesigner. The result is wonderful. Now you only have to wait for visitors. This is where


can help.

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submits your website to the largest and most important search engines. This is an essential part in the promotion and marketing of your website. You can read all about it by clicking Why in the menu.

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- Tips

First we would like to give you a few tips.
  • Meta tags: the meta tags of your site should be present and correct. It's no magic solution and they are not required for every search engine but there are some that index your site according to your meta tags. In fact: there are search engines that don't index your site at all if your meta tags are not correct or if they are missing. Click here to use our free online meta tag generator.
    Click here to use our free online meta tag generator.

  • Submit but never too much: the worst thing you can do is submit your site too many times. Don't submit your website every month or every 2 or 3 months. Chances are you will only get your site banned. We are pleased to submit your website but we will only help you again after 6 months. And then we make sure your site is only resubmitted to search engines that allow a new submission after 6 months.

  • Content: in the end your website's position is determined by the content of your webpages. It's very important that there's a lot of relevant text on your website that describes accurately what you or your company does. Use keywords in your text but don't repeat them over and over when it is not necessary. A lot of search engines will value a website according to its keyword density. This is the relation between the keywords in the meta tags (META NAME="KEYWORDS") and the words in the title (META NAME="TITLE"), the texts on your website, words in links to other pages and even words in the ALT tags of images.

  • Reciprocal links: this is very important for search engines. On the one hand the search engine spiders follow links to other websites and this way you give them something to do but on the other hand search engines measure the popularity of your site according to the number of sites that link to you. It only seems logical that a search engine ranks a website with 1000 links to it higher than a website with only a few links to it.
    So why not ask friendly websites if they want to place a link to your website and in return put one back. You can never have enough links on your pages.

  • No frames: don't use frames. If you don't know what frames are you should ask your webdesigner. If he or she uses frames ask him to modify your website or ask us. The reason is that some search engines can't index websites with frames or reject websites with frames. You should think of frames like a stop sign for search engines.

  • No tricks: there are all kinds of trics that once, a very long time ago, actually worked... but not for long. Many search engines know all those tricks much better and have algorithms that exclude sites with tricks. Some of these tricks are: repeating keywords endlessly, keyword spamming, invisible text (white text on a white background), etc. Don't even try it, it's a waste of time and it will not do you any good.
  • Places to visit in Brussels

    Brussels is the capital of Belgium and one of the capitals of the European Union. Even since the Second World War, Brussels-Capital Region became a major centre for international politics. Numerous international diplomats, politicians, organizations, civil servants and tourists come here every year for business or for leisure. Those who have enough free time to visit the tourist attractions within this vibrant city will not be disappointed. Renowned for the art galleries, museums, impressive statues and delicious waffles, Brussels will keep you entertained if you visit this enchanting city by the side of a beautiful lady.

    Visit tourist hot-spots accompanied by a ravishing escort

    Start your vacation by visiting Grand Place, this UNESCO World Heritage site. As one of the most impressive squares in Europe, Grand Place is a cool place to enjoy Belgian hospitality and savour some delicious treats on the terrace cafés. Feel the lovely flavours from the daily flower market and get ready to visit Town Hall (Hotel de Ville). This striking gothic building was built in the 13th century, it has amazing façade details and it hosts outstanding works of art and tapestries dating back to the 15th century.

    Le Palais Royal or The Royal Palace is the official home of the Belgian king and it is a building you must see if you visit Brussels during the summer months. The Neo-Classical architecture overlooks Brussels Park and it gives you a hint on how and where the king lives. Discover the remains of King Charles the Fifth’s palace in Coudenberg. Admire the spectacular archaeological discoveries displayed currently in the former Hoogstraeten house, which houses today the Museum of the Coudenberg.

    After this cultural trip, take a break and serve a delicious break at Tonton Garby, Le Wine Bar des Marolles or Le Rabassier. Enchant your palate with some traditional recipes and get ready to see the Manneken Pis, the renowned statue of the little boy who pees in a fountain and which expresses the irrelevant Belgian humour. Visit the Galeries St Hubert, spend a few hours in the Atomium and then head to Cathedral of Saint Michel and Gudule for a relaxing break before visiting the other tourist hot-spots.

    Get some nice company in Brussels

    Walk in the charming flower garden within the Place du Petit Sablon, stroll in the picturesque square of Place du Grand Sablon and visit Maison du Chocolat for an unforgettable experience. Get some sweet souvenirs for your loved ones and head to Rue de Bouchers, this delightful street cobbled with shops, decorated doorways and appealing restaurants and cafés. Visit Magritte Museum, Museum Horta, Museum of the Musical Instruments and, if you still have some time, go for a shopping session on Rue Neuve, this pedestrian-only shopping avenue, or on Chaussee d’Ixelles.

    Many other interesting places worth being visited if you have some free time when arriving to Brussels. Take your time to admire the architectures, enjoy the grandiose views and live life at its fullest by the side f your tempting companion. Meet a delightful lady from http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-brussels-163/ in Brussels and have the time of your life in the capital city of Belgium!

s-brussels-163/ in Brussels and have the time of your life in the capital city of Belgium!

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